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Comfort Microfiber Round Slip Lead

Catalog > Comfort Microfiber Round Slip Lead

Comfort Microfiber Round Slip Lead
Comfort Microfiber Round Slip Lead

Available in 8 rich colors:
Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Brown, Pink, Purple

-Durable Microfiber Material
-Padded interior for maximum comfort
-Nylon Cord
-Rainbow of Colors

Introducing the New Comfort Collection! Our Comfort Round Slip Lead Leashes are made of Durable Microfiber Material that provides exceptional comfort and durability. The padded interior provides maximum comfort and super softness! With the reinforced nylon cord, super smooth surface and durable d-ring, your pet will definitely feel special! The New Comfort Collection is available in a rainbow of colors and sizes. In the assortiment made of New Durable Microfiber Material, you are sure to find your favorite products. Go ahead, try yours today!


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